Dryer Pick Up

Dryer pick up Virginia Beach

Please fill out the form below to schedule a free dryer pick up if you live in or near Virginia Beach. Be sure to include the city and state  that you live in.

A dryer is a major appliance that seems to malfunction right when you need. For free dryer pickup in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule a pick up. Before we arrive, be sure that all clothes are removed from the dryer in order to prevent loss.

Dryer removal Virginia beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake

Before we arrive on the seen for Dryer removal, it is better if you can uninstall the dryer yourself. To uninstall the dryer, pull the plug from the wall socket first and then remove the dryer exhaust host from the back of the dryer. You can then leave the dryer in this position till we arrive. If your dryer is located upstairs or in the basement, you will have to bring your dryer to gound level in order to avoid a fee of 25 dollars. Get free dryer pick up now and save money.

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Also use this form if you have a washer and a dryer or just a washer.