Washer Dryer Removal

Washer and Dryer pick up

Washer disposal is available now if you live in or near a major city. Depending on your location, you can enjoy a free washer and dryer pick up if your appliances are less than 10 years old. Appliance over 10 years old cost $35 to pickup. Fill out the form now to get  your washer and dryer picked up now and save. be sure to include the city and state that you live in.

Washer dryer removal

Are you moving out and need someone to dispose of your washer and dryer? Go no further You can have your old washing machine and dryer picked up now.

Bear in mind that this service is free just as long as you live in our coverage area and your appliances are less that ten years old.

Washing machine and dryer pick disposal is without charge

Many businesses charge a fee to come to your dwelling to pick up your older appliances. This can be pricey because occasionally people will have five or six appliances that need to be disposed of.

Your washer and dryer can be picked up for free when you contact us for pickup or disposal.

what happens to my old appliances

Your old appliances are foremost tested to see what position they are in. This evaluation procedure causes your old appliances to fall into one of three categories. 1 Donated appliances 2. Broken appliances. 3. Junk appliances. Donated appliances are appliances that are found to be in superior condition when tested. They are cleaned up and sold to anyone who cannot afford to purchase a brand new set. This happens every once in a while because most of the time we are called to pick up a broken washer or dryer. In this event, your appliance donation recycles into a discount appliance that helps to fulfill the needs of a less fortunate family. Broken appliances are appliances that simply need to be fixed. These are the appliances that we pick up the most because not many people will call for pick up of a working appliance. Broken appliances are still sold after repair and cleanup. Junk appliances are appliances that are of no use to someone and thus they end up in the scrap or recycle facility.

Free washing machine and dryer removal and pick up.

You could ask, what is the difference between washer and dryer removal and washer and dryer pick up? Washer and dryer removal is more strenuous than washer and dryer pick up because this calls for unlocking lines and hoses and then maneuvering the appliance throughout the house in order to safely remove it. Depending on how problematic it is to get your appliances out of the house, our washer and dryer pick up affiliates reserve the right to charge you a fee for removal. This is only in situations when your washer or dryer is located upstairs or in a basement. Washer and dryer pick up is dissimilar in that your appliances are outside of the house already or located in the garage ready to be picked up. In either case, we can aid so call us today to click the link that says contact to set up a washer and dryer pick up appointment