Water heater pick up Virginia Beach

Free water heater pick up service

The number to call for water heater pick up is 581-7009 if you live in Virginia Beach or Norfolk. We also do water heater pick up for Portsmouth and chesapeake but we ask for a small donation. This small fee goes to cover the cost of fuel for the traveling to these areas. This also helps to keep water heater pick upa free service. We realize that many citizens of Hampton roads are unable to disposal of heavy appliances so we offer this service as a charity to those in need. For this cause we also offer refrigerator pick up, stove pick up, washer and dryer pick up, freezer pick up as well as all other heavy metal items such as tread mills, air conditioners and exercise bikes.

water heater pick up

Water heater pick up service for Hampton Roads

We here at Dialahaul also are on the team to help keep the Earth clean by disposing of these appliances in an environmentally safe manner.  No cfc’s are released when we come to dispose of your heavy appliances.

Water heater Pick up for Virginia Beachwater heater pick up hampton roads

The reason why this service is free for Virginia beach and Norfolk areas is because we are based in Virginia Beach at this moment. We are working on a location for portsmouth and chesapeake. Our water heater pick up service will continue to be free as long as you live in our emediate area.

Water heater pick up for Chesapeake

We reserve the right to ask for a donation for the chesapeake area to help cover the cost of fuel. As the fuel prices seem to be dropping at the moment, this could indicate that will soon become a free area for us as well to cover.

Water heater pick up for Portsmouth

There are some areas of portsmouth that we will be able to cover for free if your residence is positioned just beyond the portsmouth tunnel area. In this case you will not be so far from our location and we we be able to do water heater pick up free of charge. If however you live in Churchland areas or beyond we must ask for a small donation to help cover the cost of water heater pick up for that distance.

water heater pick up Chesapeake

Water heater pick up instructions

When you call us at 581-7009 just give up the location of the water heater pick up and we will determine from there if we are able to reach your area. Please note that if there is no answer just leave a detailed message to where the water heater pick up service is needed and we will get back with you within minutes. Most of the time you will not have to leave a message for water heater pick up because we monitor our phone service aggressively.

So call today and feel free to refer us to a friend for water heater pick up.

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