Appliance Repair Virginia Beach

Appliance repair Virginia Beach For fast and professional appliance repair Call 757-581-7009. Se repair many types of appliance at a highly affordable price. Contact us for refrigerator repair, washer dryer repair or stove repair. We are fast and professional and only deal with the appliances that we have the most experience in. I you are in need of appliance repair or servicing, we are surely the ones you should call. Contact us now for appliance repair or servicing in Hampton Roads Virginia. What types of appliances do we repair We repair select models of appliances that we know for sure like the back of our hands. In this way you can be assured that you will be getting highly professional servicing on your appliances. We offer free estimates over the phone and our service calls are cheaper than most companies. The following is a list of appliances that we repair. Washers Dryers refrigerators stove and ranges Certain brands of stacked washers and dryers Tips on doing you own appliance repairs Since a lot companies charge huge sums to fix minor problems, you may find it highly economical to service your own appliances. Here is a list of things you should consider when doing your own appliance repairs. Washing machine repair With all of the constantly moving parts within a washing machine, it is safe to say that the washing machine will be the most repaired appliance in the home if overloaded or used too often than needed. The good news about this is the fact that most repairs on a washing machine are pretty much straight forward. Find the bad part and replace it. The most common problem with washers seems to be the couplings dawgs, transmission, lif switch or the pump. These items seem to go bad more than the motor, control board or timer. So if your washer goes belly up on you, it could simply mean that one of these components is the problem. Simply change the ailing part and continue washing. The trick is finding out which part is bad. This is where you will need some common¬† trouble shooting skills. If however you find the task too consuming, feel free to contact us at 757-581-7009 for professional appliancerepair. Dryer repair Unlike the washing machine, the dryer is a more complicated appliance when it comes to repairs. And since the dryer is temperature sensitive, you might find it in your best interest to call a professional to do the repairs. For if you ever decide the peel back the metal to be nosey you will discover that most of your day is gone and nothing has been acheived. Especially since there are many safeties in place that are necessary to prevent fires. One other big difference is the fact that the dryer is powered by a much high voltage source and can easily cause severe harm if not properly respected (unplugged). We therefore¬† advise that you call a dryer repair expert to service your dryer. For […]

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